Essay on The Advertisement Of The Cosmetics Advertisement

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“For that “Natural” Look Men Look for…Seventeen” Magazine advertisements fill space on pages with bright colors and metaphorical images declaring themselves as the creators of consumer preferences. Cosmetics advertisements were the most beautiful, chic and powerful ads catching American women’s attention in 1940-1950. The cosmetics advertisements conveyed that women were getting, not only a product of beauty but also youth and success with men. Success with men was the main idea of the advertisements as women’s success at that time was measured by a successful marriage. The advertisement banner “For That “Natural” Look Men Look For…Seventeen”, printed in Cosmopolitan, March 1947 is a perfect example of advertising strategies of that time portraying young woman as the winner of the man’s heart (Fig.1). The idea of Seventeen cosmetics advertisement has been developed by the catching women’s eye through the need of attention and affiliation. These basic emotional appeals are traced through the visual content by picturing flirty couple in a cosmetics store. The center of the composition is a young woman drinking a fresh cocktail and making eyes at the handsome man. She is flirting elegantly holding the glass and putting straw on her juicy red lips. Her hands are very delicate with a classy red manicure. The young lady’s romantic curly hairs are decorated with a red satin band. Woman’s figure takes two- thirds of space in the picture; and her body language says that she…

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