Texting And Driving Is Dangerous Essay

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Susan King
Mrs. King
ELA 6th Hour The Danger In Technology
07 April 2017

Did you know that 75% of car accidents are from texting and driving? People that text and drive get into accidents more often than regular accidents. After saying that Cell phones are not safe. If you’re walking out in the middle of the street and you’re only paying attention only to your phone you could be in real danger. Also you and the driver could get hurt or killed.
“The national safety council reports that 1.6 million people a year leads to texting and driving deaths and accidents”(national safety council). This is because people don't pay attention to what they're doing because they think a text is more important than your life or someone else's. 660,000 people are tempted to look at their phone while behind the wheel of a car. They think it’s okay to text someone while driving because it “might” be the most important thing in the world. This causes more accidents a year because of texting and driving. Another thing is there have been multiple deaths from walking out in the middle of the street texting a friend or playing a game that “just can’t wait”.
Phones can even cause cancer. Furthermore phones give off radio frequency energy (radio waves). It sends a form of non-ionizing radiation from their battery or antennas. Tissue near it could get cancer and damage your body. Your body can not handle energy like that so it damages your immune system and opens your pores so any type of cancer can get into your body. “It’s looking increasingly likely that cellular phones (mostly smartphones
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