Technology As A Future Educator Essays

831 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
During the past two weeks, our main focus has been using technology to teach math. We have learned a lot of new ways to incorporate technology while teaching the children math from grade levels PreK- 6 elementary. We used math apps, websites, with the iPads. It’s amazing how far technology has improved for the better; how easy things are in general with the help of technology.
As a future educator, learning different ways to teach is always something that you can never know to much about. So learning about astonishing ways to intrigue my students, is something exciting. I was amazed by how creative people have become with incorporating technology into learning. It has made me think into how I will be teaching math to my students. Instead of teaching math the way I was taught, I have to consider thinking outside of the box. How can I improve the way I was taught, into modern technology? I feel instead of thinking this as a challenge, I would consider it more as an opportunity. Its honestly a privilege to be able to use technology in the classroom; my students will be more intrigued in learning on iPad’s or playing games without even knowing that they are learning.
Throughout the experience we were required to go on scratch and create a greeting card and a game. When they first had initially showed us how it looked like at the end, I was excited to begin. When we began to mess around with coding with Elsa and Anna, it was easy to work with; as the levels got more…

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