I Want To Pursue A Master's Degree In Digital Education

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I grew up desiring to make a difference in this life. It was not until I went to Azusa Pacific University (APU), I realized the way I would make a difference in this world and to contribute to society, is through becoming a teacher. Education changes lives. I want to be a great teacher, and I know that I must prepare myself to be one. That is why I decided to not only enroll into the credential program, but also pursue a Master’s degree. Education is evolving and we are living in an era where almost everyone is technically savvy. As educators, we must follow the trends in technology. Not too long from now, schools will only use technology and will become paperless. We must be ready to teach an all tech classroom. This is the reason I felt that getting a degree in Digital Teaching would be for myself best interest and for my students, overall.
As of now, I am a substitute teacher, working on my degree. I am not allowed
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I have decided to make small changes that will lead to a better lifestyle. I have realized that if I do not have health, I will not enjoy life and I will not live up to my fullest potential. Lately, I have been eating out too much and not making good choices. Thus, I have wasted a lot of money and my health is being jeopardize. For my health study, I have decided to eat out less and make healthier choices when I do, keep track of how much I spend eating out, try to cook home meals and lastly, learn how to cook simple healthy meals. From an article, I read, eating out has been a trend for college students. College students spend more money eating out than buying groceries.
As I keep track of my spending, I am realizing how ridiculous it is to see how much I am spending. Since I use my debit card to pay for everything, I do not feel as I spending much. At the end of my study, I will see how much money I am saving by eating at home and cooking my own meals, how I am feeling health wise.

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