Sean Houlihan Education

1. Sean Houlihan Values Current Innovations in Education
As a full time substitute teacher in the Narragansett School District, and a former full time teacher for the previous decade, Sean Houlihan places a high value on learning and following the current trends in educational theory. He believes that to effectively teach children in today 's society, it is crucial that an educator has their hand on the pulse of the most up to date technologies and insights.
2. Sean Houlihan Follows the World 's Current Events
With a lengthy background in the education of history, Sean Houlihan understands why it is important to follow the current events of the world. Not only does his professional career benefit from this knowledge, he also finds it to be
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He has been nominate in the past two different years, both as an overall educator and for his previous role as a Social Studies teacher. Achieving this recognition is something that he is proud of, and values being associated with the top teachers in his field for New Jersey and Rhode Island.
7. Why it is Important to Integrate New Technology in the Classroom with Sean Houlihan
Sean Houlihan has discovered that to be an effective educator in the 21st century, he must integrate and use the most current technologies in his classroom. He has determined that the generation of students he teaches are so involved with technology, that using this medium is a great way to reach them, and keep them interested in their school work each day.
8. Why Sean Houlihan Works to Create a Summer Curriculum
For some of Sean Houlihan 's students, the school year does not end at the start of the summer break. It is because of this that he finds it necessary to create an engaging summertime curriculum that keeps his students interested in learning. While some of these students are attending the summer program out of necessity, others are there because they wish to get ahead. He finds that he can make a great impact on the kids during these two months of
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To become a member of this famous honor society, a future educator must be within the top twenty percent of all of the professionals entering the career of education. Houlihan can boast that he is a member of the Kappa Delta Pi, along with the likes of Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, and Margaret Mead.
14. Sean Houlihan and his Membership with the NCEA
As a former Social Studies, Science, and Grammar teacher for three schools in the Northeast, Sean Houlihan has found merit to being a member of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). This professional education group is the largest privatized organization in the world. As a member, he is one of 150,000 total teachers, who serve an astounding six million students from around the world. The NCEA has been in operation since 1904, and offers its affiliates many sources for partnership and mentoring.
15. Become a Special Olympics Volunteer Like Sean

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