The Importance Of Information And Communication Technology In Education

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Topical Paper: Developing a Research Topic
As information and communications technology become more accessible and ubiquitous, teaching and learning in K-12 learning environments may need to be redesigned. Current research suggests that teachers lack the technological proficiencies that allow them to successfully integrate such tools into their teaching practice (Koehler, Mishra, Kereluik, Shin, & Graham, 2014). Teachers often ask the question: “How am I supposed to find time to participate in professional development activities?” Perhaps this is the result of an extensive list of responsibilities including planning, organizing and implementing instruction, classroom management and organization, assessments, managing parent relationships and more (Stronge, 2007). While this is a fair question, as schools continue to embrace technology, learning will increasingly take place online. This presents significant potential for educators to leverage digital resources to pursue professional development opportunities that are relevant to their teaching and learning practice—in any place, at any time.
Personal and Professional Interest
My journey into education began 15 years ago as an information technology (IT) support person at SCH Academy, a K-12 independent school
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Technology has become ubiquitous, students are born into an environment where mobile devices, social media, games, e-commerce, and countless other technology driven activities guide their existence (Johnson, Becker Adams, Estrada, & Freeman, 2014). On the other hand, many of today’s teachers were developed in academic systems where teachers were the experts, distributing knowledge to students, preparing them for careers in an industrial focused economy (An & Reigeluth, 2012). Thus, change in education at all levels has become difficult to initiate and

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