Technology Technicians

Technology Technicians
As technology use expands in the global world, so does its use expand in the classroom as well. It is essential that the use of tech be used in classrooms to assist student’s education concerning the world, society, and their role as members in these areas. As more teachers integrate their lessons by showing their students the importance of using this equipment in the classroom, the better understanding the student will have of the materials and become a well-rounded student.
The question is whether it is better to have technology in the classroom or not. Is it exposing the children to something’s that should not be experienced? Arguments have been made about electronic devices deals with security and what is age appropriate
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Technology is changing the way that the students learn and how they interact with others in the classroom and the world. The world’s economy is changing so it is very important for the students to morph into a new way of using technology and shift in theory according to the Common Core curriculum, “It is part of the paradigm shift to an inquiry style of learning and to engaging students in learning in ways that help them make sense of knowledge” (Debraski 35). The importance of technology has been making its way to the nation’s schools to learn more about the digital age. Technology allows the students not to rely on the teacher to give the answer to questions but it to allow the student to learn their own answer to the question. This new learning style is affected because the students are now searching for the answer instead of relying on the teacher who was the specialist in content by learning, being able to find relevant information, and to make sure the information is validated. This deeper learning is necessary for the students to be successful in the workplace and college. Using technology in the classroom does not only help the students but has some problems especially when it comes to teaching and learning or how to implement it to the students. Technology is always changing or being updated so the students will need to keep up with what they have already researched on the web and find current information on the subject. Teachers and students are getting on board with this innovation and some of the students are using their own devices in the classroom. This is the new personalized type of learning with the use of smart boards, Ipads, computers, and tablets. The learning that is taking place in the classroom is shifting from the teacher being the center of

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