Summary Of Glenda Bissexs In The Middle Class

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While reading chapter one of In the Middle, I was relieved that the text was presented like a novel. It had a story line that made you feel like you were reading a book by choice and not for reasons other than your own entertainment. Glenda Bissexs’ teaching story was very informative as she struggles with her teaching strategies and comes to terms with herself that her strategies need to be revised as a teacher in order to help frame her students for future success. I find it hard to come to terms with myself that students should be able to choose the books they read every day in class. I wonder how one could grade on situations such as these. A question that comes to my mind is, what if I haven’t read these books that the students have chosen …show more content…
She made good points to explain her reasons and our first class meeting last Tuesday was a good example of why she doesn’t like to depend on technology. The smart board didn’t want to work in our favor last week however the teacher was able to still go over everything since she asked us to bring a copy. That is why having a printed back up is always a smart idea. Technology is not something to rely on though it is what the world depends on nowadays. Students are relying on technology to correct their grammar and spelling, to find their way of direction, communication, calculations and so on. We have traveled down a road and there is no going back. People put their whole lives in their smart phones therefore when someone loses it they just might go into panic mode. It is reshaping the way we teach and teachers have to adjust to the new technology. Instead of having a lesson once a week in the computer lab like the time when I was in grade school, students now have technology in the standard classroom. The school I work at is Mckeel Academy of Technology in Lakeland. All students are issued their own iPad. They write papers, read novels and find their textbooks on their iPad. All work is done and submitted through technology. I have seen firsthand many technology malfunctions, however it also simplifies so much at the same time. For example, canvas is used so students, absent or present in class are aware of their assignments. Our text tells us that many students favor reading the printed novels over eBooks. I would have to agree since I took a survey last year asking students in their sophomore year of school what they prefer. It was interesting to me that most students enjoy going back to the basics and old school hard book novels verses eBooks or reading off their iPad and smart

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