Essay On Boyfriend Heran

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Target Listener:
The objective audience for my playlist is my boyfriend Heran. Heran is eighteen-year-old freshman that is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Heran’s muscular body stands five feet and nine inches, with a caramel complexion due to both of his parents originated from India. His eyes are light brown and his hair is black as the night sky. Generally, Heran loves to style his hair in a faux hawk style. Around people he may not be familiar with, he can be fairly shy and quiet. He is soft spoken; yet every word that comes out of his mouth has a strong plus a powerful meaning. Heran likes to play soccer, draw, hang out with his friends, spend quality time with me and he prefers doing programing on his time permitted. My boyfriends’ favorite color is blue. He is tall, keen, sensitive, and a remarkable boyfriend. When it comes to dressing up, he surprisingly surpasses me. He loves dressing formally for special occasions or even for a customary day, like when he’s simply laying on the couch and sitting in front of the television. By means of formal I imply a buttoned up polo shirt with khaki shorts or long pants, and pleasant top slider Sperry shoes.
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The song portrays hope, illusion, and fear. Falling in love is risky, you have to open up to the person and share your secrets. In the beginning, everything seems so bright and nice like a sky full of stars, but giving the heart to someone means to feel helpless and to risk the feeling of sadness and heartbreaks if things don’t go as planned. Before Heran I started dating he was talking to a girl who went to the same school as him. “I don’t care, go on and tear me apart…”, made a perfect sense to the feeling I was having, I was completely heartbroken (Coldplay). However his past is past. Even though he didn’t love me back, I still loved him enough to don’t care if he hurts me cause my love for him is

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