Analysis Of Train Wreck By James Arthur

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Train Wreck - James Arthur
The Song that Changed Perspectives
Billal Lyzzaik

In today's society, reality shows, such as The X-Factor, manipulate many to act a certain way on live TV and not necessarily be themselves. James Arthur, a British artist, was one of the many whom were packaged. He participated in The X-Factor during the 2012 season but was eliminated during the final rounds for not meeting the shows expectations. Arthur later exposed the program on its manipulative ways. As a result, his career suffered and he now regrets the actions he took and the things he said. The song Train Wreck from Arthur's new album Back From The Edge talks about his mistakes and his need to be heard once again. His new album is known to be the “Anti-X
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Such phrases make a song stand out to not only be catchy but to be appealing to the ear. Arthur expresses his anger and hopelessness towards The X-Factor using indirect words and verses that clearly make this song the best of all time. An example is the lyric “Pull me out,” which shows how much getting out of this mess means to him. James Arthur was hit with a period of depression and sorrow with nothing going his way. He felt as if he was not heard by the world. Singing, “Laying in the silence… Waiting for the sirens… signs, any signs, I’m alive still,” not only is this part of a rhyme scheme, but it also has a very deep meaning to his depressing thoughts. Such meaning he is not being heard and yet is labeled to be a bad person. He waits for sirens which in James’ case represents an ambulance, supporting his suicidal thoughts he kept on having. However, hearing sirens is a sign of still being alive which represents hope in Arthur's view. Repeating the lyric shows the audience what he does just to try and get out of the mess he caused. Encountering a decent amount of figurative language helps both the song and its audience understand the artist's context and relation to his chosen lyrics. James Arthur’s choice of language clearly stands out as he uses repetition and rhyme schemes within a powerful meaning to bring its audience closer to the song, making it the best song …show more content…
The track sings that you'll be labeled by the actions you chose to take in your earlier times, and that it will be hard to gain yourself back, but you should always have some hope to try and fix what went wrong. James conveys this idea with the lyric “Coz a one in a million chances… still a chance, still a chance… and I would take those odds.” This connects that a very slim chance is still a strand of hope and that anyone should be willing to take any risk just to try and fix things. Most tend to give up after assuming that a moment is over. Listening to this song inspires you to realize that taking that small chance of hope, may end up saving your life. When Arthur says, “Find hope in the hopeless,” he signifies that finding hope in what clearly is shown to be hopeless will help you not only believe in yourself, but to believe and a positive solution which may end up sparing your soul likewise it did to James. Many today leave the broken to stay broken without trying to resolve it. Current social media and news stations prove that many feel lonely and isolated from the rest causing the feeling of depression, and the need to be heard, relying on ‘Quick Fixes’ to bring them up. Arthur motivates to strive to gain yourself back however small the chance may be. Having a powerful theme to inspire its audience to not give up on chances is important in today's society as we all let our

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