Summer Road Trip Essay

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My Summer Road Trip The late June Texas sun was hot as it came through the window of my Caliber. I had begun my road trip to the lake house in Mineola early that morning. I had dressed for comfort, wearing my blue shorts and my favorite worn out tee, I knew it was going to be a long hot drive. As I drove down the road, I soon realized that I had never been anywhere alone before. This was a new feeling to me, one of strength and fear rolled into one.
While fighting the traffic to get out of town, I was thinking back on the conversation Mother and I had had the night before. “But what if you have to stop, what if you have a flat tire?” mother’s voice was full of concern, “You know a stranger can grab you, they prey on women traveling
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I slowly began to see old homes and buildings as I approached a small town. This was my exit. I had skipped breakfast and at that time my stomach had began to rumble. Not far off the highway I spotted a quaint home that had been transformed into a diner. I decided to stop. An elderly woman with bouffant silver hair, wearing a blue checked dress and apron greeted me at the door with a smile before seating me. It was as if I had stepped back into an old movie or perhaps a doorway into the past. Upon the waitress’s instance, I ordered the daily special. It was a wonderful plate of roast beef and mixed vegetables and it all melted in my mouth with each bite. I became aware that all eyes were on me and I could hear whispers as they looked my way. I do not know if it was the fact that I was a stranger in town or that I was a woman traveling alone, either way the unwanted attention made me uncomfortable. With this I decided to skip the apple pie and get back on the road, since I was not far from my destination.
The town was very small, and I soon found myself winding down farm lined country roads. The pine trees had given way to vast fields of grain and pastures filled with cattle. The country was nice, but I could not wait to be at the lake house where I could listen to the water lashing against the shore. I eagerly looked for the brown direction signs to show me the way to the lake. I had never driven there alone before and was afraid of

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