Summer Day - Original Writing Essay

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It was a Sunday afternoon in New York. Today was another hot day. I lived on the 4th floor of a red brick apartment building with no air conditioning. The only cool air I would get on hot summer day would be from fans I place in the windows however today the fan are not helping. They are pushing the hot air around the house making it feel like I’m sitting in an oven. I looked out my window I could see the heat rising, the sun beating down on the ground. I’m quite sure if you cracked an egg it would cook. My son would sit on the window ceil sometimes watching the cars go by but today was too hot to do that. I did not want to leave my apartment, however I knew I had to go check the mail. We walked down the stairs because; of course the elevator did not work. It is always broken in the summer time when the kids are out of school. They would play on the elevator like they were in an amusement park, pushing buttons, jumping on and off until finally it breaks. It did not matter to me because my son was afraid to ride on the elevator anyway. We got to the bottom of the stairs and there was the mailman putting the mail in the mailboxes .Some days I would get to the mailbox before the mailman arrived just to listen to his stories. He was an older man who loved to tell stories and we enjoyed listing to them. This particular day the mailman was already there, putting the mail in the boxes. I asked him did I have any mail. He hands me a big yellow envelope. It was from my mother.…

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