Successful Online Learning Essay

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Online learning has become one of the largest growing educational systems in America. Not only in America, but it has also spread to other parts of the world as well. In a recent study by New York Times, more than 500,000 Americans take online courses. According to, the first online course was known as “correspondence courses” and began in the 1700’s with pamphlets and textbooks that were sent to the students. However, the success of an online student isn’t something that comes easily but is earned through self-discipline and other vital characteristics. According to the article, “Individual Factors and Successful Learning in a Hybrid Course” by Kelly Arispe and Robert J. Blake, success in online courses is a hybrid …show more content…
For online learners this article is very very helpful and provides clear language in the details of what makes a successful online learner. Blake and Arispe do a great job focusing on the characteristics that have been proven to reside in each successful online student. Not only does the article consist of a simple language everyone can understand, but it also offers proof and research that proves their statistics and provides a stable article. Furthermore, the article is also one that online learners can relate to. For example, being an online learner it is important to notice the characteristics and do self-examination to see if you yourself contain these characteristics. Another useful part in this article is at the end Blake and Arispe offer a self-analysis test that allows you to see where you stand as an online learner. I feel this brings the article to life and allows the reader to relate more with the article and to be more involved in the article. Not only do they offer the self-examination test, but they also state the responses from the actual candidates the survey was completed on. Arispe and Blake did such a phenomenal job with this article that it is very applicable to myself being an online learner. I have learned that being an online learner isn’t simple and takes great time management and certain characteristics to get to the level of success that is desired. My biggest step is looking at the characteristics and

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