Success For Small Business, Salesforce Research Involving 3800 Small Businesses

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models, and processes to drive new value for customers and employees to effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy” (as cited by Afshar, 2016). In pursuit of insights concerning success for small business, Salesforce research involving 3,800 small business leaders outlines six key trends characterizing high-performing small businesses in terms customer relationships in a dynamically changing, technology driven economy:
1) Mobility drives agility and efficiency
2) Data driven customer-centric decisions
3) Automation, social and mobile marketing drives scale
4) Talent wins
5) Tech savvy businesses gain a competitive advantage
6) Customer experience is a company wide focus
(Afshar, 2016)
Pivotal statistics supporting these six benchmarks hypothesize small businesses use of mobile apps will increase by 140% by the end of 2017. Furthermore, 52% of small businesses plan to increase mobile communication and collaboration by 52% in the next twelve to eighteen months (Afshar, 2016). Additionally, 52% of small businesses will increase their budgets for productivity apps over the next two years. However, Afshar (2016) affirms, most small businesses currently lack the technical knowledge to build or integrate such collaborative solutions).
At the present time, there is a digital paradigm shift occurring that is transforming the landscape of small businesses. While many companies will fail to take advantage of the opportunities presented by effective integration of…

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