Social Media Good Or Bad Research Paper

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Imagine you are at school and you are bored out of your mind, so you take out your phone and start scrolling online. People try to talk to you, but you are so distracted you choose not to respond. People still choose to try to communicate with you, because of this you plug in your headphones to your phone and decide to listen to music. Your friends and acquaintances choose to leave you alone. This most likely means you are addicted to your phone and you have become anti-social. Due to this, Social Media is harmful because it decreases communication skills for teens, online predators are very dangerous and colleges are now looking forward the things you post. Therefore, Internet is harmful to the society First, …show more content…
You even might deny it, saying it has been perked. But social networks disadvantages outweigh the perks. Wasting time is an example. The time you use online could be time used to be resourceful, as for it makes people lazy. We all know it is very addicting because we have experienced it affect it has on us. Social media can do good to our society like Eric Qualmans' video "Social Media Video 2013", just to paraphrase, states most couples have met on social media and have lasted longer. But also, married couples divorce because of social media.(Qualman) Now if you see what I notice, you might change your mind. What I see is that people are so dependent and obsessed with their phone, internet and technology. In other words, social media is a compulsion and addiction. Like any addiction, you can get rid of it. Simply just do not use your phone for unnecessary things such as updating status updates online and non-stop texting. This will prevent you from being so attached to tech. This will also prevent seeing terrible things being said on you and other people. If you do not know about it, you will not care about it. This will help you avert so many predicaments as mentioned before like online predators, your future, low self-esteem and being

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