Student D Classroom Observation

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Student D attends a Middle School in Columbus Ga. The school is located on the Northside of town and where many military families resided. There are approximately 500 students that consist of Latino, Asian, Black, White, Hawaii/Pacific Island and Multi-Racial . The students are diverse and have all socioeconomic backgrounds. It is located behind an elementary school and across from a shopping center. The SWD demographics has about 19% are 6th graders, 14% are 7th graders and 22% , 8 graders. The Autism Lite program includes 6 students including Student D. There is one supervising teacher and three paraprofessional that assist with instructional support for the students. Student D attends 6 classes daily. They include, Math, ELA. Science.P.E., Creative writing and Social Studies. They are comprised of five SPED inclusion class. The daily routine is a standard based classroom that includes opening, work period and closing. There is board configuration for class provide information about the days work. All students are …show more content…
He wears glasses and stands approximately 5 '4 ' tall. He loves sports especially football and soccer. He will collects golf balls of left out on the grass and other collectible to place them inside his pants pockets . Student D currently receive direct teacher support from PES (Program for Exceptional Students). He also receives Occupational Therapy. Student D’s Functional Behavior Assessment was based on classroom observations, meetings, paraprofessional, teacher, parents reports and data collection over timeframes. Student D’s problem behaviors (including negative vocabulary, non-compliance/work refusal, property destruction, and aggression to others) are maintained by social reinforcement/ access to

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