Essay On Classroom Observation

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I have been observing a second grade classroom with a 5th year teacher. I have been able to observe three times. The first day I went to observe was October 3rd from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The second day I was able to observe was October 4th from noon to 3:00. My third observation was October 11th from noon to 3:00. I like that I was able to observe both the morning and the afternoon exposing me to both their morning and classroom routines and events. When I went into the classroom from 8:00-9:30, I experienced many different events. As students enter the classroom, they are to begin working on their drops in the bucket. Once finished with that, they then start reading an Accelerated Reader book. The teacher gives ample time for every student to finish their drops in the bucket and then they grade it with a red pen. After grading the drops in the bucket, the teacher splits students into reading groups. One group stays at their desks to write a journal entry while another group goes to a designated area to read on iPads. The …show more content…
The teacher had a bunk bed reading nook for students to sit in during read to self time. The walls were also covered with posters with positive and encouraging quotes with brightly colored text to lift the spirits of the students. The classroom environment did not seem boring or disruptive. Every component of the classroom seemed to promote student learning and engagement. Apart from the physical environment, the fact that the teacher seemed to be incredibly supportive of all her students really added to the psychological environment of the classroom. I could tell that the students felt safe and respected within the classroom and that allowed them to be themselves. By feeling safe and respected, the students were able to stay on task. The overall classroom environment impacts students’ learning and behavior in a positive way and promotes continued growth throughout the school

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