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Today my speech is on the legendary Steve Harvey the man, the comedian (performer), entrepreneur, author, humanitarian, provider, motivator and role model. Steve Harvey is a legendary icon for Americans and worldwide youth young and old. To look at his success in life, no one would not believe or have known that Steve Harvey was homeless for 3 years, and lived in his car. This inspired and motivated Steve to really push for his dreams. His success started with one night of comedy as an comedian where he earned $50.00 for telling jokes about his life.

Steve has taken his hard life chores and lived them out on stage in jokes and making others laugh. However, if one look and listen to his jokes one will learn of his hard core life.
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Later in life Steve and his family moved to Cleveland Ohio. This year, 2015 the street where he lived as a child was renamed “Steve Harvey Way” in his honor. Steve attended Kent State University, and West Virginia University and he is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He is also the ambassador at Strayer University, where he and his wife, Marjorie help support scholarships for 10,000 students. Steve has been married three times in his life and has seven children in June 2007 he married Marjorie Bridges, whom he credits for changing his life, and his style of …show more content…
It took all of these occupations that he had to get to where he is now. On August 2, 2012, Steve performed his final show as a comedian at the MGM in Las Vegas, ending his 27 year career as a comedian. To his credits Steve also has a radio show he hosts on weekday mornings from 6am to 10am Mon-Fri. Steve Harvey also is an Author he wrote the book ‘ Straight talk no chaser’, in which he inspires women on how to find and keep a man. He also wrote the book ‘Act like a lady think like a man. And his latest book he wrote ‘ Act like a success think like a success’ , in which he inspires anyone who has a business or is pursuing a business on how to be successful in their business .

In conclusion, Steve Harvey, along with his wife, Marjorie are mentors in which they share a mentoring camp for young men, boys and young girls, His wife Marjorie host the young women. The camp is located in Dallas, Texas that and every year on father’s day Steve host the program.
On a personal level Mr. Steve Harvey has inspired me to want to become successful in my life. I listen to his radio show every morning, watch his talk show, and Family Feud every day. I have always wanted to become as a Occupational Therapist (OTA), and I credit Mr. Harvey as one of the reasons why I decided to further my education pursuing this degree. His life story and his inspirational

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