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Do you know if there is something or someone that will always make you laugh. Jeff Ross is a hero to me because he has done a lot of things in his career he performed for soldiers, and he performed for inmates.
Jeff Ross was born on september 13, 1965 (“Jeff Ross”). He was born and raised in springfield, New Jersey (Bromley). He was enrolled at Jonathan Dayton High school and went to Boston University where he majored in communication (“Jeff Ross”). While he was in college he worked at BU’s WTBU as the director and later he joined the local NPR affiliate (“Jeff Ross”). “Jeff Ross has appeared on dozens of TV shows including Late Show with David Letterman (1993), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992), The View (2001),
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“It was fascinating on a creative level to have an audience that was so ready to laugh” (Harris). You have to think that any of them were just in a gunfight or at a funeral for that morning (Harris). “I couldn't imagine laughing just hours after being on the battlefield or disarming a bomb” (Harris). Jeff Ross said the stories of individual soldiers are what really put one’s life into perspective, these people are engineers, paratroopers, interrogators, accountants, but they are also human beings and laughter is one of the simplest ways to make that human connection (Harris). “Even though he barely knows them, Ross can easily be touched by the stories of servicemen and women (Harris). “Ross released a documentary DVD in 2005 detailing his trips with the USO called “Patriot Act” (Harris). “The film has appeared at numerous festivals and won an honorable mention during the Hampton’s International Film Festival’s prestigious Films of Conflict and Resolution program (Thruline). Jeff Ross said they only got four hours a night when they weren't interviewing soldiers (Maggie). “After three tours overseas and over 25 performances, Ross was looking forward to another trip” …show more content…
“One jailer in Texas saw this as a way to motivate his inmates into good behavior for a month” (Patches). Jeff Ross was only going to do this for entertainment purposes but only after he was able to see what it was like in the prison he realized how awful the situation is in this country as far as incarceration (Patches). To prepare for his show he talked to ex-cons and placement job advocacy groups, this brought it to new light for him (Patches). “Jeff Ross thought that jokes would come easy, but they were terrifying to deliver” (Patches). During the show you can see Ross shaking and stuttering at points but not because he doesn't have a joke, he has many in his head and is thinking of many more, he was just wondering if one of the inmates would take his head off just to be a big shot (Patches). There was extra security and all the overtime guards (Patches). There were no guns inside so it becomes about trust (Patches). “There’s a real beautiful trust in there between the ethnic groups and gangs and my crew” (Patches). Amazingly the prisoners had a great sense of humor, even the meanest jokes got laughs and the laughs is what relaxed Ross and got him to perform normally (Patches).
Jeff Ross is a hero to me because he has done a lot of things in his career he performed for soldiers, and he performed for inmates. Jeff Ross has been in

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