Steve Irwin Research Paper

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Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin is a hero that can fit into many different categories, that’s how good of a person he is. Steve Irwin is an everyday superhero. This because he faces danger and receives discouragement from the public every day. Irwin is a person that can handle adversity very well. Irwin is the son of Bob and Terri Irwin. Steve entered this world on February 22, 1962 in Essendon, Australia. Irwin is one fantastic man.
There are a lot of people that cannot stay with something for a long time, they usually cannot tolerate it or get bored with their job and or the task at hand. Steve Irwin is a man that possesses a lot of tolerance with what he does for a living. It is a lot harder to do your job with a camera crew at your neck everyday.
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Irwin has remarkable passion, and you can tell in his television show “The Crocodile Hunter.” You see, most celebrities today and they are two completely different people on and off the camera. Not Irwin, he is always has an energetic attitude on and off the camera. The Crocodile Hunter is just another way for him to express his love and desire towards animals. People sometimes criticise him for what he does because they claim that he is disturbing certain wildlife and that what he is doing is pointless. His passion drove him to show these people the reality of it all. He knows that if he takes high risks to save these animals, it will raise awareness about all of those endangered species. His eyes just light up every time he gets to go rescue and show an animal to the rest of the world. In today’s society, there are not many people that have had so much passion and drive for what they do compared to The Crocodile Hunter. He acquired this passion from his father Bob Irwin, Steve’s …show more content…
Bravery and perseverance are the best characteristics that fit Steve Irwin’s personality. I have never seen a person that has loved their job as much as Steve Irwin. He goes into work every day having fun, but when it is time to work Steve will grind out the tough situations that he is faced with each day. Most people would see a crocodile and run off quicker than you could say “hey how is it going?” Steve is one brave man, he went into waters that he did not have much background knowledge about his specific area. He was shooting a new television segment with his daughter to show the rest of the world some of the ocean’s deadliest sea creatures. He was in the middle of filming when a stingray struck him in the heart. The thing that makes him brave is that he had no clue that his life would end because a stingray. Steve died doing what he

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