Essay on Sonic 1000 Pda Marketing Analysis

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Marketing Analysis of Sonic PDA 1000

The purpose of this group project is to provide the members of LU BUSI-520 Delta Group with a patterned professional forecasting model for research and analysis of a prospective new product. The new product will be the Sonic 1000 PDA; a fictitious product formulated especially for this mock-up analysis (Kotler, & Keller, 2009). Through experiential collaboration, the members of Delta Group should gain needed insight into the potential quandaries that are mutually shared by many of today’s marketing managers. It is conceived that each member of Delta Group will personally align with the labors of research and planning intrinsic to the
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According to Andy Patrizio (2010) who is a senior editor at, the network for technology professionals, smart-phones are rapidly growing in popularity and overall acceptance. He projects that if trends continue as they have in the recent months and years, smart-phones, especially PDA-types will likely surpass the regular feature phone standard sometime next year. Based on information obtained in an article entitled, Why Does Half the World’s Population Have a Mobile Phone: An Examination of Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Mobile Phones, Sonic has discovered that consumers have developed certain attitudes regarding our mobile phones which are: (1) sense of security; (2) sense of self character extension; and (3) sense of dependence. At the moment with Sonic’s current offering PDA 1000, we are able to address at least two of these attitudes toward this product. We are able to address sense of self character extension by allowing the Sonic PDA 1000 to be customizable to the consumer’s particular needs. Secondly, Sonic PDA 1000 will offer consumers a sense of security with our personal assistant type capabilities which in actuality will/should develop a sense of dependence on this product. For professionals in particular, the Sonic PDA 1000 comes preloaded with mobile office programs that give the user ability to create

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