Rayovac Swot Analysis

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Rayovac as a company are the third largest battery manufacturer in the world. They sell various types and styles of batteries. The batteries are sold throughout the world and they have made great strides in terms of gaining more of the market share. They have positioned themselves as the ''value brand''. In terms of Bob Falconi he has 27 years experience in the battery industry. He began with Duracell moving to Pure energy and then eventually finished up with Rayovac where he still is today. The company are hoping to continue their success going in to the future and to continue to grow as an organisation. Rayovac was the third largest battery manufacturer. Products were sold in over million stores all over the world. They acquired many companies …show more content…
Its products are vast and include batteries, hearing aid batteries, lighting and personal care. It already established in the market and is the third biggest manufacturer and marketer of batteries in the …show more content…
This leads to far greater brand recognition when it comes to retail positioning. It may be difficult to inform the public on the positive effects and benefits of rechargeable batteries.
Opportunities – To become market leader in the North American region by providing rechargeable batteries to commercial, household and industrial customers. Rayovac could gain customer loyalty through continuous innovation in the company.
Threats – Trusted brand names like Energize and Duracell may attract customers more so than the Rayovac brand would. Those two competitors are also already more established in the North American market. Competition is high for Rayovac resulting in a struggle to stand out on its retailers shelves. It could be said that entering the rechargeable battery market in Canada might threaten the agreement Rayovac currently has with international partners like Sony or Panasonic and only manage to lay the foundation for such players to come in and take over.

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