SWOT Analysis Of Aston Martin

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It has been analysed from above models that Aston Martin have some influences that might have an impact on their business, from their products to the sales and their customers. From Aston Martin’s SWOT analysis it is clear that they are growing stronger, they maintain sold bond with their suppliers and making cost effective distributing channel of their product to consumer, this results in various revenue path and helps in making customers aware of their brand. As discussed Aston Martin aims at targeting young customers that are head strong and generally appreciate in buying sleek and fast gadgets. In order to target their young customer, the brand has created power image which can be experienced and shares by all car lovers all around the …show more content…
To be different and help generate greater market share the company works on Vantage GT in order to make every journey memorable for the driver. With authentic responses of a racer, it gets alive at drivers every touch exciting and gregarious experience. The real essence of a sports car, GT’s 4.7 liter V8 engine carries out impressive feels and figures something special in any type of environment (Holweg & Podpolny, 2009)
The strategy for Aston Martin will mainly aim at building up competitive benefit and lowering down the gear of this investment ratio, thus delivering high earning for less spend.

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One of the reasons is that already existing brands have their loyal customers, and to develop the trust of new target market will be quite uncertain. Another factor is that numbers of dollar millionaires who are spending on higher end groups are encouraging several luxury car makers to start operations in Korea including Volkswagen AG's Bugatti and Bentley, BMW's Rolls-Royce and Ferrari SpA. As too look out for bigger market share before nurturing new market, Aston Martin needs to out an effort to connect with the customers and stronger the relationship with

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