Social Networking Has Been Empowering Business And Done Good Deeds For The Economy

1702 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
Besides spreading information at a lightning speed, social networking has been empowering business and done good deeds for the economy. The development of Facebook and other several social networking sites has come along with an existence of new industries, which generates thousands of new jobs. SNSs, particularly, LinkedIn allow employers to look for prospective employees and vice versa. Similarly, many universities and colleges search for future students by posting announcements of new semesters to their official Facebook besides their websites. Moreover, social networking has supplied businesswomen with means to express themselves and have their say. According to (The Huffington Post 2012), females have been dominant over Pinterest with 72%; 62% women are the majority of Twitter’s users; 53% of Instagram accounts belong to women and more than 50% Facebook’s users are females. Although the female CEOs accounts for a small proportion (4.8%) of Fortune 500 CEOS compared to males, 24 female CEOs is recorded to be a historical high, in comparison with 14 woman CEOs of 2012 (Fortune 2015), which is a brilliant sign. Furthermore, currently, to any business, social media marketing has played an important part in promoting products and enhancing post-purchase service. 42% of marketers are reported emphasised the importance of Facebook in their business (Zephoria 2015). During product promotion, advertisements to SNSs like Facebook and Twitter are more likely to catch potential…

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