Violation Of Privacy

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Is reading the terms and condition important?
Sending pictures, talking to friends and interacting online are ways in which individuals connect. In doing so, people are able to locate, observe and monitor individuals’ availability online. For this assignment, students sent emails to their telecommunication companies requesting a data collection in order to evaluate the amount of privacy an individual receives based on their usage. Unfortunately, when requesting for the information from Fido, they were not able to send it within 30 days. In this essay we will be exploring how terms and condition, and policy privacy can cause individuals to forget the importance of securing and understanding what is done with the information when registering
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Privacy has become very limited as stated by Karyda, Gritzalis, Park, and Kokolakis (2009) “In a digitized world that is populated of intelligent devices that communicate with each other keeping one’s seclusion is very difficult”(p.195). This suggests that people sharing personal information has become a normality. Whenever signing up with a telecommunication company, clients are required to provide personal information, therefore reducing the amount of control. As depicted by Steinfeld (2016) “ In numerous cases, companies have been accused of and sued on the basis of their privacy policies’ violation of state privacy laws...”(p.992). This illustrates that people who are paying attention to their data collection can catch a company when misusing their information. So the questions we should ask are: “What do we consider as too much data collection?” and “We are allowing companies to track, monitor our devices and yet we still want privacy?”. By selecting a reliable telecommunication company, a client can ensure to pick the right form of privacy for them. For instance, I chose Fido as my telephone provider, since I am aware that it is owned by Rogers, one of the leading companies in telecommunication and I am comfortable with the amount of privacy they give me. Thus, it is important to choose a company that can provide privacy within the terms of the …show more content…
For example, as stated by Jacques Penders (2004) “In mobile telephony, while the mobile user is on-line, the actual geographical position of the user is known.”(p.248). This suggests that telecommunication companies will use one’s consent in order to charge and advertise information that might interest the client. By giving control to the company consumer are allowing them to use and evaluate their information, and as a result they can try to sell them products based on the data they have collected. For example, someone who travels a lot might need a different plan than someone who does not travel at all. Companies will be able to send them notification that will let them know how much they will be charged when travelling. Hence, companies are trying to provide a better solution by using the collected data. To add, it is expected from the establishment to know the individuals financial state in order to provide plans and additional products that the client can afford. This demonstrates the importance of data collection in terms of expectations. Customers expect company to safely conceal their data, but also expect telecommunication to offer them plans that fit their everyday

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