Sales Forecasting Analysis: Linkedin

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Sales Forecasting
LinkedIn’s number of users has skyrocketed in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the general rise in social media use and masks any trends relating to the number of users. One macro-environmental factor that would be worth exploring in relation to LinkedIn would be the United States annual unemployment rate. However, no trends appeared due to the overwhelming growth of LinkedIn regardless of the current state of the economy. The past five years have experienced fluctuations, both up and down, in employment rates. Despite these changes, LinkedIn’s user base has exponentially grown, hiding any potential correlation. Unemployment would not be a good predictive sales forecasting analysis for the immediate future of
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LinkedIn, as of now, is the frontrunner of the professional networking sites, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google, while more focused towards the social aspects of online activity, are able to generate more time-on-site per user and have a larger user following. These companies could easily develop professional networking services on top of their current sites which would compete directly with LinkedIn. As of right now, the order qualifiers for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn are their network size, social capabilities, positive user experience, and accessibility. For Facebook, the order winner is the sheer amount of users it has, totaling over 757 million users actively logging in per day (“The Growth of Social Media”, 2014). Facebook also has an order winner of having the most customizable personal pages. Twitter’s order winner is its quick delivery of current events to its users. Google’s, more specifically Google+’s, order winners are its ability to allow collaboration between members and tailor personalized pages for its users. In this market, LinkedIn’s order winner is its professionalism; it provides the most career-oriented setting with its resume-like profile page and job opportunity …show more content…
These companies, like LinkedIn, focus on professionalism and all share the order qualifiers in providing a professional platform, listing available jobs, and assisting users in connecting with other professionals. Xing and Viadeo have an order winner of having somewhat of a monopoly within their own countries. However, LinkedIn has the order winner of having the largest user base, both in the United States and globally, of over 300 million registered users, while Viadeo reports 65 million users and Xing reports 13.5 million users (Duggan,

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