Case Study Of Linkedin

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Background Information About
I am Gurnisha Sidhu, 20 years old, and a University student attending Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops, British Columbia (BC) in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. I am looking at majoring into Marketing and doing a minor in Human Resource Management, and then after about a couple of years of working I will apply to law school for Real Estate law. Originally I grew up in Surrey moved to Cloverdale/Langley area about five years ago. However, I moved to Kamloops, British Columbia in 2014, right after high school just to attend school and get the feels of living away from home as I want to attend law school in England.

What I expected of this class and Amy Tucker?
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But, the main focus of LinkedIn is to help people connect to working professionals in an efficient way. LinkedIn allows you to create a professional profile, where you may add resumes, previous jobs that students and/or other business professionals have worked at, pictures of some previous experiences that we have gotten a hold of, and ways to connect with other professionals. This project taught us how to communicate or stay in touch with former classmates, business associates, clients, and other working …show more content…
Losing my great grandfather (mom’s grandfather) did impact my semester in a very negative way and made it hard to get through specific courses, due to the fact that mind was just not there at certain times. At some points in time, I saw myself giving up on everything together because I felt like I could not survive, as the pressure became too much for me alone. Having said that, my great grandfather was my hero. But, he had been through so much in the last few years by getting so ill and being in and out of hospitals constantly, which made it hard on him. A 95 year old, independent man that had been dealing with dialysis on his own for about 10 years of his life, never gave up regardless of the fight that was thrown at him. At the age of 94, he had broken his hip after a sudden fall after getting up at night to go to the washroom; but his legs were too weak at the time, yet he never gave up after that. After that he had several strokes in the hospital around last Halloween, doctors told us he would never be able to walk or even get better. Yet he still managed to learn to walk on his own two feet without the nurse’s help. He was known as the best patient at any hospital he had visited because he always had the mindset of getting better and fighting his battle. The most caring man anyone could have

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