College Admissions: Personal Statement

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College Admissions:

Personal Statement

Throughout our many years of schooling, we are taught the importance of attending post-secondary school. As a result, many students aspire to move onto college after they graduate from high school. Students work through high school to achieve all the requirements that are needed for college and even sometimes, more. This is because depending on the post-secondary school a student chooses, sometimes the ability to be accepted is fairly difficult. Its obvious that colleges have many applicants and of course, they cannot choose them all. Therefore, this creates a selective process. Colleges tend to look for students that seem to be well-rounded, meaning they excel not only in academics, but participate
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Very popular activities that most students are involved in is sports, which I have tried. In middle school, I went out for swimming for two years and was a manager one year. Although, I am not very athletic, therefore I never really excelled in this sport. I learned lessons, nonetheless. Since I was not very good at this sport, it wasn 't always fun being involved in it. However, I knew that I had made a commitment and had to stick to it whether I liked it or not. This also taught me how to work as a team and the importance of being a part of something like that. Also, I have been involved in band all throughout middle and high school, as well as choir when I could fit it into my schedule. Band has taught me so many things, once again how to work as a team. Especially through marching band season, we all have to learn to work together and individually improve for the greater good of the whole band. Choir also has reinforced those ideas, how working together is very important and you have to learn to get along with people. In the first two years of my high school career I was also involved in FCCLA. This was quite a learning experience, because it forced me to put myself farther out there to help more people and to learn to do things that would benefit others. These ideas were also learned in Key …show more content…
One of the most important life experiences I have had is getting a job. Of course, this is a fairly normal thing for a high school student to do, but it has helped me to learn a lot. I started my first real job in my junior year and now, over a year later am still working there. For one, having a job is just a learning experience in itself, especially a first job. It’s something new that someone is thrown into and you have to learn many new things. I work as a waitress at a local restaurant. I have been very shy ever since I was a child, I have never been one to spark up a conversation with a stranger or even be able to maintain long conversations with people I know. I’ve never even been able to maintain conversations with my hair dresser while she 's doing my hair, or my dentist, or even when I am just getting a ride from someone; I am just not good at small talk. I just tend to keep quite and to myself. However, not long after I started my job did I realize I wouldn 't be able to stay that way in the environment I am working in. See, since I am a waitress, I need to be able to talk and communicate with all my tables. There are also many regulars difficult that come in, who after a while began to know who I was, started to have conversations with me. At first, this was very difficult for me because when put into situations like this, I tend to get extremely awkward. However, throughout

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