Essay about Social Networking And Its Effects On Society

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4) Social Networking has been around long enough to consider The positives and negatives that it provides to society. Use Recent events to discuss cases from the last 2 years.

Social networking is an important technology for everyday modern life. During the middle of the two thousands social networking expanded significantly, with dozens of networking sites or apps and millions of users around the globe. It has been around for approximately a decade and much research has now been done to understand its effects on society. Since then social networking has evolved day by day to improving their communication with other people in different locations and feel connectedness. While they are certainly benefit to social networking it has also produced phenomena, such as sexual harassment, sexting, cyber bullying and Narcissism. Therefore it is difficult to determine whether social networking is good or bad.
Claywell, (2013) indicates the 5 advantage and disadvantage on social networking such as ‘worldwide connectivity’, there is no other faster way to communicate other than Facebook twitter, LinkedIn which is well known social networking site to regularly upload new website to let individual to communicate over the web . With this social use individuals can make friends and interacting such as looking for job, locating assistance and accessing news, etc…second advantage on social networking Is Commonality of…

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