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Samantha Connelly
Mr. Fallon
American Lit
23 November 2015
Social Networking is a great source for communication, information, and relationships. In the late 1980s, the public began to use social networking. “The web is allowing users to use their tools to empower them to impact the world around them” (Bates). In the early 1980s, scientists and academicians were the only people who could use the internet. Today the internet can be used anywhere from getting in touch to friends and family to finding information on certain topics. Another major reason that Social Networking was made was for quicker communication as well. The public uses both social media in good and bad ways. Some of these sites include; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
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Verbal abuse is anything from writing to saying mean things about another person. Some examples of social bullying would be teasing, name-calling, inappropriate comments, taunting and threatening to cause physical harm to that person or anyone they know. Cyber bullying is a growing societal issue, and there are many negative effects on mental and physical health of a person Cyber bullying can lead to self-harm onto the victim such as, change in sleep and eating habits, which can affect this person into adulthood. There are also some mental affects that cyber bullying causes that include; substance abuse, suicide, depression, anxiety, and even feelings of loneness and sadness (Bakewell). Those who are bullied and those who bully others can both have the same negative effects such as depression and/or suicidal ideation (Bakewell). Social bullying is a frequent type of bullying, and causes a great social conflict for the victim of this …show more content…
One type of cyber bullying would be cyber stalking, this is repeated unwanted messaging being sent to a person. Another type is cyber threats, this consists of threatening through the internet a person’s physical safety. Defamation is “dissing” someone on social media where all can see. Exclusion would be just excluding someone from a group message or event on purpose, not accidently. Another very common type of cyber bullying is flaming and trolling. This method is online fights that can hurt a person’s reputation, or embarrassing them on the internet in front of many people on a public site. This next type of cyber bullying is another frequent type, and in some cases is even illegal. Happy Slapping is when someone records a person getting harassed or even beaten up and posts it online. In some cases it can be spread around throughout the school by messaging, or can be posted on online sites like YouTube for the whole world to see. Harassment is even a type of cyber bullying, it is repeatedly sending offensive, rude, insulting messages to an individual. Impersonation is when someone is pretending to be someone else. This is very common with anonymous accounts and private pages. Even borrowing a person’s screen name to post something as them is a type of cyber bullying. Outing and Trickery is another major type of cyber bullying. This is when a group

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