Essay Social Networking : Friend Or Foe?

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Social Networking: Friend or Foe?
Imagine a group of life-long friends that are looking forward to spending quality time together on their upcoming trip to the beach house. They spent months planning and working around each other’s schedules to come up with the perfect retreat. On the way to the beach, each friend starts to envision how enjoyable it will be to catch up and relax with their closest friends. When they arrive, everything goes according to plan until someone decides to pull out their cellphone to check their social media account. The remainder of the weekend is spoiled due to the friends consistently staring at their electronics, leaving the friends unsatisfied from their vacation. In a digital world where social networking sites (SNS) have become an indispensable, routine fascination among the majority of the population, the term “friendship” and its definition is resulting in controversy (Park and Lee, par. 1). Some see Facebook (FB), Twitter, Snapchat, etc. as a positive advancement in today’s society while others view it as a dangerous, artificial reality (Chayka, par. 3). SNSs allow us to keep in touch with friends and family, and is even used as a tool to produce new friendships. However, the convenience associated with online interpersonal relationships is causing our face-to-face interactions to be “less authentic” (Chayka, par. 5).
The opposition believes, the time has come to accept virtual and physical lives as a whole (Chayka, par. 3). This includes…

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