School Bullying: Causes And Consequences Of Social Media

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Social media has definitely made us closer to other parts of the world. We are living in a time where the world is open to us. We can contact anyone around the world, at anytime. There is so many uses for social media, you can use it in something bad or good and either way there are consequences. These consequences can have rippling effects in society. It has contributed to a change in the whole generation and the way they think. For this, social media is at the center of bullying and the child/ sex predator epidemic. As for a good friend of mine, social media has deeply affected her and the cause for not having any social outlet like Facebook and Tumblr. In middle school she was bullied, because she was different. She received death threats, was humiliated, it was horrible. After that it became a vow to never own any social media outlet. Even …show more content…
In school sexting is an issue that can lead to bullying and victimization and long term consequences of whoever sends the nude photos. A situation like this happened to a school in Denver where both sides were victimized by one another. A friend of a brother was talking to a girl for about two months the both of them were sending nude pictures to each other. They felt like they could trust each other and delete the pictures afterwards, until she got angry at him and decided to share his nude pictures all over Facebook. Neither of them deleted the photos. So then he decided to get revenge back and share her nude photos online. This in turn humiliated the both of them. Even worse, he was threatened by her brother that he would kill him. They were both 15 years old and could have been charged with child pornagraphy. Any predator could have gone to her story page and seen the nude pictures and targeted her as their next

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