Should Texting While Driving? Essay

1721 Words Jan 19th, 2016 7 Pages
This culture speaks as much with thumbs as it does with tongues” (Wireless). The government should ban texting while driving because it’s dangerous, has many influences, and has many benefits. One of the major causes of dangerous driving are cell phones. According to the Word Press Inc. Mobile, cell phones were invented in 1908. In 1947, Martin Cooper and his associates came up with the first portable mobile. The technology of phones went to being produced without internet to being produced with internet, which became a big thing. So the fame of phones was noticed all around the world. Though it was still costly to have. Essentially, the mobile phone is like a ratio; it depends on the signals in order to transport and get data and information. Also, in the world today Americans can go out and buy a phone for a good price. Originally the mobile phone was a fashion statement for celebrities and television shows during its debut. Also, back in the day the phone wa big and as the years progressed they became smaller to fit into people 's pockets, purses, and bags. So as more people kept buying phones, the phones changed to be more advanced, as to what it is today. First of all, texting while driving should be banned because it’s dangerous. “One of the world’s most beloved ways of communicating is by text messaging (texting). The world loves talking with others by communicating on their cell phones, but people are too focused and obsessed with their cell phones that cell…

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