Should College Be A College Education? Essay

1148 Words May 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Every parents dream is for their kids to be successful, they want a child who had fun, stayed safe, and hopefully pursuited a college education so that their future would be bright. A college education and their degrees give college students and graduates a better opportunity to get a job and set up a career path. Now imagine, a world where everyone has a college education. The thing that made a college education and degree worth anything is that not everyone has one, it’s like diamonds. The reason diamonds are valuable is they are rare, which means there is also a low supply and high demand therefore rising the price. That being said college should continue to have expenses such as tuition, housing, food, etc.
There has been a lot of talk about free college, some want it tuition free and others even want living grants to cover living in food. These ideas of free college aren’t not a good idea, because it’s essential to the success of the future generations that college keeps their expenses, because making college free would actually mean giving far more money to student from richer families than from poorer ones. Making college more or entirely free would most likely boost the wealth of college attendees without securing any important gains. The relatively few poor kids who do attend college heavily cluster in two year community colleges and cheaper, less selective four year colleges, while richer kids are likely to attend more expensive four year university. Given these…

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