Should Cellphones Be Banned? Schools? Essay

1297 Words Apr 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Cellphone Usage In Schools Do you feel that students spend too much time on cellphones during the instructional day in high schools? Whether cellphones should be banned in schools will forever be a continuous dispute. Modern technology has created many wonderful advances in our society; however it has also taken away from some valuable aspects of our world. Cellphones are not appropriate in an educational setting because they are taking away from the social and physical experience of learning, they increase bullying among peers and they decrease academic mental engagement. In today 's society, cellphones are slowly being accepted as learning instruments in schools. They are being used to save money and be a substitute for school supplies such as calculators, timers, and paper to take notes. By doing this, students are missing out on valuable learning experiences. For example, if students are taking notes on their phones, then they miss out on learning handwriting skills such as learning how to write in cursive. Everyone has valuable childhood memories that they cherish and school is one of them. Raising your hand and wanting to get picked on, having class discussions, and playing hands on games are all fun ways of learning that are going to be forgotten about if cellphones are allowed in schools. Also, cellphones in school decrease social interactions by 23% . Social interactions are important in school because they help children learn more than they would if they…

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