Sarah Koenig 's ' The Murder Case Of Hae Min Lee ' Essay

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TITLE Sarah Koenig tries to unwrap the murder case of Hae Min Lee, a Baltimore High School student, in her week by week podcast titled “Serial”. Hae went missing in January 1999, and about a month later her body was discovered, in a park, in dug grave. Ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted for her her murder, although he has always proclaimed his innocence. Koenig is trying to determine if Adnan is really innocent, and if so, who did it. The series has given us a lot to think about and many situations to consider. The podcast takes you through an emotional journey with Adnan. I have felt remorse but also anger towards Adnan. Like many others, I flip-flopped my opinion on his innocence many times. He comes off as such a good guy that you want for him to be innocent, but the further I dug, the more I leaned towards the conclusion that Adnan is guilty. The podcast does a good job of bringing in the voices of many people who were involved with the case, telling their memories and idea of what happened. ADD THESIS Hae broke up with with Adnan close to Christmas of 1998. Not too much longer Hae starts to date a new guy named Don. On January 13, about two weeks into Hae and Don’s relationship, she goes missing. It wasn’t until about a month later that her body was discovered by a man, who claims to have been using the restroom, in the city park. An anonymous caller tells investigators to look at Adnan as a suspect. With this information, police immediately took…

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