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Entrepreneurship Case – Rockstar Games:
Caught In Their Own Vice

1) Describe the technological, social, and political forces acting on the video game industry?
The technological forces could be the creation of the game. With doing some research, the company can develop a more mature audience, which would fall under social. The political force stands at the revenue they are making when the gaming industry in general is losing money, not to mention that they are doing this even with all the negative reactions.

Technological forces are a big factor for creating the next big game within the video game industry. Today’s technological tools include research and development, automation, technology incentives and the rate of
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An example of a positive political force to such video games would be one that gets the gamer off the couch and gets them into an actual aerobic exercise which encourages the kids to get physical versus just sitting there for hours at a time on their butts doing no exercise.

2) How is Rockstar responding to its environmental conditions? Do you agree with Rockstar’s approach? Why or why not? Rockstar is responding in a very appropriate manner to the external factors in opposition to their game Vice City. They have been blamed for adolescent violence concerning homicide, grand theft auto, and various other crimes that appear in their games. Complying with pressure from New York’s attorney general, they agreed to remove a racial slur in the game that caused an uproar in the Cuban and Haitian communities that also was the precedent for several law suits against them. Personally I agree with how Rockstar is conducting their business, they are merely releases a product which is in conjunction with federal law in regards to its rating, and yet they are the target of controversy allegedly a result of that product. If people feel that this game is “the cause” for teens to act out violently, then the company producing it should be the last in line to blame. A more logical target would be the retailers allowing the game to be sold to minors. Also, to blame this type of

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