Report on Staffing Strategy & Hrp Job Analysis Recruitment & Selection Human Resource Forecasting of Texisland

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With the passage of time, textile industry has boomed their business in our country. Now, this industry is one of the strongest industries of our country. The textile firms mainly export the rudiments garments product. Every day, this industry is fulfilling huge number of foreign demands. To fulfill a large number of product demands from abroad, it is very crucial for those firms to use their manpower effectively and efficiently. Beside this now in our country there is huge problem is to control the garments workers. Therefore, those firms make sure that they have a structured HR department. The TEXISLAND is one of those business organizations. For a long period of time, they are concentrating to meet their business goal
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1.3 Methodology In the organization part, much information has been collected from journals, brochures and web sites. All the information incorporated in this report has been collected both from the primary sources and as well as from the secondary sources. i) Primary Data: To collect primary data we have used the interview process. We have visited the corporate office of the TAXISLAND. Then, we have interviewed ‘executive of HR department’, Shuvo Marcel Kosta and also interviewed Meraj Ahamed, Director of TEXISLAND. ii) Secondary Data: To collect the secondary data we have largely used the internet. We have visited their official website to get relevant information for this report.

1.4 Limitation    People of TEXISLAND are very hesitated for sharing some information which is confidential. Data finding was really difficult and time consuming. The project could be more informative if we could find more data from them. In sense of collecting information, sometimes, we couldn’t collect latest information and that’s why we had to use backdated information.


1.5 Contact person  Name: Meraj Ahamed Designation: Director of TEXISLAND E-mail:

Name: Shuvo Marcel Kosta Designation: Executive of HRD (T&D) Of TEXISLAND E-mail: Shuvo





Organization Overview

In Bangladesh, there are many

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