Why Is College Important To You Essay

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College is a big accomplishment, but it can become overwhelming and stressful if you do not give it your all or prepare yourself for it. I took the initiative to learn about myself, and how I could handle a numerous amount of tasks at one time. College is preparing young people for life as an adult in the future, but it takes determination and dedication to survive college on your own. Knowing that college is not free, I made a commitment to myself to pursue my dreams, aspirations, and to do whatever it takes to succeed in this cruel world. Totally clueless to what college had in store for me, I became submerged in work during the first week of classes. Procrastination had become my new best friend because college is a lot of work and sometimes I just did not have any energy to do anything. There wasn’t an ounce of motivation within me to do any of my work. From adjusting to a new campus, meeting my professors, and buying overpriced textbooks took a toll on me. Taking things day by day did not work in my favor, and I now know that planning things out will help in a major way. By the end of …show more content…
Knowing that college is not easy and it can become strenuous, but I am here to learn and if I need any help there are people here to help me. Trying to maintain my grades and still adjusting to the college life did take a toll on my grades. Now that I have taken either a test or quiz in each class, I know what my strengths and weaknesses are in each one of my classes. Some assignments have been easy, others were extremely hard, and there were a few that I was not mentally prepared for. I gave myself a free pass because this is the first semester, and I did not know how each of my professor test were. In the future, I know what classes that will challenge me on test or exams, and there will be a lot studying and tutoring sessions that will have to happen if I am struggling with

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