Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper
Marcy L. Ortiz
July 23, 2014
Ms. Tucker

The identification of the complex factors involved in overcoming generational poverty can be difficult because each case has its own special needs. While the challenges the aged face when there is lack of access to employment, women face dilemmas that keep them from obtaining proper work to take care of their families. The perception of these issues must be changed to one of understanding and change. Our world deserves a chance to move in a positive direction, and in order to do that we must begin with ourselves. Only then can we provide proper help to those in need and in unfortunate circumstances.
Generational poverty is when a family has at the most
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In other words poverty can easily become a cycle that is hard to break. Families who are in the cycle of generational poverty continue to have children to ensure survival through benefits they will receive such as food stamps and financial aid for children through the government. Children are usually not encouraged to go to school because parents may fear the loss of security for themselves and other siblings. Children grow up fast in generational poverty by taking on responsibilities that adults should be responsible for such as taking care of other siblings or taking care of older family members. Children of generational poverty cannot see any other future but the one his or her parents are creating for them, therefore making it difficult for them to break the cycle. Many people who are impoverished do not see past today. Survival can be the only focus on life day by day. Money is not a futuristic tool for individuals in generational poverty. The only value of money is simply survival and entertainment. Money is not something that is invested for the future it only has value in the present. Sometimes even if an individual wants to think about a future there is no support system to help them, and resources may be limited. Poverty is linked to low levels of

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