The Five Main Points Of Reflective Essay

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Upon reading DiAngelo & Sensoy there were five main points of concern addressed within the article. These topics had concern on the basis that the students coming into this course may more or less be unprepared and unwilling to open their minds up to this new material.
The first main point was about aiming for intellectual humility. The authors claimed that this meant the students are apprehensive about learning new material and challenging their current and developed beliefs. This main point makes a reference to an astronomy student conflicting with his teacher on the existence of Pluto. This student and teacher clashed due to the beliefs that the student was raised with, and interacted with, where now all of a sudden wrong. The authors also noted that there may be some intellectual conflict within small group work, saying that it only helps to reinforce current beliefs and does not allow for critical thinking to happen.
Secondly, the authors pressed on, saying there is a major difference between an opinion and informed knowledge. They said that not everyone is qualified to have an opinion on
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The authors said that the people who “claim reverse racism” are also the ones who are expressing ignorant opinions. I cannot disagree more. I think that my point about having a double standard ties back into this point. This is because I have experienced it first hand when a scholarship committee told me directly that I did not receive the scholarship at the final review, because I was not the type of minority they were looking for. Long story short, I developed an educated opinion on behalf of my analysis of this and a number of other incidences. I find it hard to learn in a setting where there is only one victim and we are all at fault for that group of people being victims. Just because you are offended by something, does not make you entitled to

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