Reflection Paper On The Work I Have Done Throughout My English Course

725 Words Dec 17th, 2015 3 Pages
Reflection The work I have done throughout my english course has helped me reach the course objectives. We each had to write three papers about our topic that we got to choose. When writing each paper, there was a different way my professor wanted each of them to be written. This made it so we learned how to write in multiple genres. One of the types of essays we had to write was a proposal essay. In that essay we had to come up with some counterarguments, which helped me learn strategies of argumentation for a given writing situation. I decided to write about immigration because it’s something that is important to me. When writing my essays I had to write a rough draft so we can do peer review. This made it so I could catch my grammar mistakes and fix my essays to make them better. When doing this I had to do some research that could help me with my essays. I had to find some counterarguments then find some research to help me backup my argument for the counterargument. When doing peer review, it helped me with working with others.
I got some good feedback that I used when revising my essays. I took what my peers said about my essays well. They helped me understand when I didn’t make sense or when they didn’t understand a term I would used. I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about that sometimes I didn 't explain something well, and they would comment on that. My peers helped me improve my writing this semester by commenting on where I would do well. They would…

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