Rhetoral Learning At The Beginning Of My Experience In Gsw

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Over the past year in GSW I have learned more for me to become be better writer. This course 1120 has shown me that I have improved from the last semester. With this semester the essays have helped me with the idea of being a little more open-minded and light in my essays just so I don’t offend people when they read my work. I think that I should pass GSW 1120 for the way that I have learned and improved more than first semester or the beginning of this semester. Rhetorical Knowledge is one of the major things that you should know at the end of a GSW class. The number one things that this class of GSW has taught me is writing in academic genres such as argumentative essays and researched writing. From the first GSW class and the first …show more content…
At the beginning I have heard about the website but was never shown how to work it. When I went to my research meeting it showed me how to really use the library website, also how to find books. I can use this in the future for if I ever need to find any socially articles for a topic that I write about I know how to find what I need. Values Exploration is one that at the end of the semester I just figured out that I improved. I feel as if I now know the value and role of writing. At the start of this semester when we would write papers I would just go along with the topic. Once we got to pick our own topic for essay four it showed me that there is value in what I was writing about. This will help with future papers in the way that I will choose topics that I will enjoy writing about. In the time that I have spent writing papers this class has taught me what to do right and wrong. In the end I feel as if this class is the best for people so that they can know how to write a good passing paper. That I feel as if I should pass this class just because I know the flow that I can write papers and the correct way to conduct

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