Reflection On English 102

In college you are presented with new material that you haven’t seen in the past eighteen years of schooling engaging in new ideas that will benefit you long into the future. Some of these classes are specialized to fit your major while others are classes are more advanced than in high school. While English is a class everyone in high school has taken, college level English 102 has taught me new way to write, different types of writing and a way to strengthen my words. For my final task in task I’d like to take a look at how my English skills have grown as well as improvements I could’ve made over the semester
A major part of my English 102 course is online activities like connect work and blogging. Online work is new to me this semester and
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By having this part of class, it has made my writing skills better in so many different ways. First off, I created a better understanding of how develop complex ideas and arguments as well ways as to support it. Writing my third final draft I had proposed a problem, identified objections and made reason to my petition using Tulmin. This has exposed me to a new writing skill I can defiantly take with me into the future. Secondly, while creating my writing piece I was reminded how to properly format and structure as well as choose better use of language. Every writing proposal I was presented with had a certain format and structure. For example, the way I would set up a paper explaining a problem versus the way I would set up an argument piece are very different. My use of language though this course has developed by creating sentences that flow nice and smooth. Finally, revising drafts and receiving feedback from my teacher and classmates has helped for the most part. While I seemed to find constructive feedback from my teacher, my classmates could have been more supportive. While reading some feedback all I would get is compliments for some people, while its flattering to be complimented, I would rather have tips on how my writing get better. Creating these writing pieces has taught me a lot about my voice and audience and has allowed me to reflect on my …show more content…
I’ve been able to relate to topics discussed in class, identified improvements and weaknesses from one paper to the next as well as began to use outside resources that helped with my writing overall. To begin, starting a writing prompt I noticed that I had retained a lot of information that I had put into papers by studying it day after day. Not only did I learn a lot about my topics, but by discussing in class helped me understand classmates topics as well. This has shown that by talking, reading and writing about something will help it stay in your memory for a long time. Next, while writing through out this course I’ve learned I have made improvements as well as identified some weaknesses. Through high school, and continuing in college I have been able to follow certain formats to fit a writing proposal helping me create a well-structured paper. On the downside I’ve noticed that my outlining skills have held me back. Without creating a nice outline it is hard to write any paper. By reflecting on my work this semester it has helped me identify what I can work on to help me become a better writer. Ending, whether it be online work or drafting a paper, I used not only the writing center to study but also the libraries online database to give me some credibility. Sometimes studying at the house is too noisy to study so working at high tech 1 has helped

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