Why Do Pro Athletes Overpaid

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Did you know that this year's Super Bowl ticket will cost somewhere around $4,500? The average pay of a professional athlete is 4 million dollars. Americans enjoy watching sports so much that it has become a major entertainment business. Other countries do not pay their athletes nearly as much as America does. Sadly, those who serve our country, like soldiers, firefighters and teachers are paid very little compared to America’s professional athletes. Additionally, America has seen many athletes end up broke after wasting their money on frivolities. Why can’t we pay those people who help society better than athletes, who have been known to even go broke or seem to spend their money unwisely?

One reason that professional athletes are overpaid is that some people like firefighters and teachers do a lot more and get paid a lot less. Niche explains, ”The national average starting teacher salary is $36,141, while the average teacher salary in America (non-starting) is $56,383.” Professional athletes get paid millions of dollars each year, but who were the people that helped to make them who they are today, teachers. Teachers give kids one of the most valuable things in the world, knowledge. But what do they get paid each year? $56,000. Shouldn’t
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However, they are very prone to injuries since they play such violent games and play as hard as they can so that they will win. So, they should be paid a good sum of money, just not that much. USA Today College states, “...while athletes are putting their bodies on the line, they are doing so voluntarily.” Athletes are supported by millions of people and they complain about how they don’t get enough money for when they get hurt. Even if these athletes got hurt and they didn’t have enough money to pay for knee replacement, their fan wouldn’t let it happen. To sum it up, professional athletes do deserve a good sum of money for injuries, just not as much as they get

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