Reading And Asses Comprehension Is A Grade Class At Fairfield Middle School

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During my field experience I got to observe a 4th grade classroom at Mason Intermediate School and an 8th grade class at Fairfield Middle School. Being able to observe this classrooms was good because I was able to see the differences between the grade levels and also the difference between a schools in an upper middle class community verses a school in a more urban setting. The way that the two classrooms approached things were different and this allowed me to figure out some of the things I would want to incorporate in my own classroom and what I want to avoid doing in the classroom. The students at Mason seemed to me very interested in reading and many of the student I interviewed said reading was their favorite subject in school. The system that Mason Intermediate School uses to track reading and asses comprehension is a programs called AR reading. AR reading has a point system based on the difficulty of the book. The more difficult the reading level, the higher the points. At the beginning of the 9 week quarter, my host teacher Mrs. Nagel, created a goal for each student for the number of points that student should earn by the end of the semester.
Mrs. Nagel took each students individual reading skills into consideration and created the goal for them based on that. At the beginning of the year Mrs. Nagel did not have much information on the students regarding their reading level so throughout the quarter she had to adjust the goal for the student based on how they…

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