Privilege And Ways Of The State Of California Essay

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Privilege and How to Find It In the year 1960 the state of California laid out their Master Plan for Higher Education, which would allow people of a much larger social and economic class to attend state & community colleges. This master plan was part of a large wave of affirmative action bills that were sweeping the country during the 60’s. This plan laid out by the state of California would be the reason that Stephanie A. Shields’s father would move his whole family to California in hopes for a better life and a good education for his children. Stephanie Shields was a first generation college student who, thanks to the new scholarships and work-study programs, was not only able to finish her undergraduate degree in California, but also study abroad for a year in Rome. This isn’t where Shields’s good fortune ends, as she later accepted to the Pennsylvania State graduate PhD program in psychology. Within her first few weeks at Penn State Shields another female member of her cohort were told that it was basically a “fact” that women don’t finish the PhD program. Even the professor to which they’d been assigned as teaching assistants confirmed this “fact”. In line with reactant theory, this rejection made success just that much more important to Shields. Reactant theory says that if someone tells you that you can’t do or have something that that something becomes even more important to you. Shields and her fellow grad student decided to find the actual information on this…

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