Poverty Of The Philippines Is What Makes Me Think Of Higher Education

1877 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Poverty in the Philippines is what makes me think of higher education. Lots of people in the Philippines are educated and also lots of them are not, because of lack of money. All I can remember is since I was young, I really wanted to have a higher education, because without an education I was not going too far in life. At least that 's what at my mother told me all the time. I don 't know how far my mother and my father went with education , all I remember is they couldn 't help me with my homework.I used to cry a lot because if I asked them about my school homework my father would say “I can’t help you.” If I asked my mother, help at least she would try to look and read my homework. But when I was in high school, she really could not help me at all. So I said to myself, I 'm going to school, I have to have a higher education, or degree, because I want my life different than my parents. I want to be able to help my kids with their homework have a good job, at least have clean clothes to wear, food to eat, and decent house to live in. When I finished my high school, I said to my parents I 'm going to college. Because of lack of money, they told me to go to work first for a year and to save money for college. I was so disappointed, so upset and sad. But I knew what kind of life we had. So I understand why my parents could not send me to school. So I went to work in one of the factories in the Phillippines, a textile factory. They did import and export. They…

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