Essay On Poverty In Mexico

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The are many problems in Mexico, but the main and most important one is poverty, the amount people starving and not having enough money to support themselves doesn’t stop. Some people do have jobs, but don’t earn enough even though the work is rough. The conditions that people live in, in some places is horrible to watch. Studies have shown that around half of the Mexican people are poor and extremely poor. This woman, “Zuniga is one of the 45.5 percent of Mexicans who live below the poverty line. That is only down slightly from 2010 levels, government data showed on Monday”(Mexico’s Poverty 2). The origins of this issue go back to the New Spain times, when Spain drained its colonies of it gold. However, it’s not all Spain’s fault it's the Mexicans presidents in the …show more content…
This is a problem not just for Mexicans, but to Americans because their jobs are taken. Unemployment is also starting to be a problem in the U.S, and Mexicans are willing to work for low wages which Americans are not. This causes social problems between the two, Mexicans are chosen over Americans because it's cheaper for the bosses. To prove it, “Now, as unemployment rises in America, Americans want these menial jobs but many migrants already have taken the jobs”(Mexico to US Migration 13), and “Americans who are desperate for work are now often expected to work at these incredibly low wages to, which they can’t afford to do, leading to increased poverty in America”(Mexico to US Migration 14). By Mexico being poor everyone around is being affected it’s now a problem for Americans who need jobs too. If the problem isn’t solved Americans will suffer being unemployment will increase for them, causing the economy to go down, and Mexicans will continue to be forced away from their families and homes. Mexican presidents have the ability to solve the problem if they

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