Positive And Negative Outcomes Using Driscoll 's Model Of Reflection

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For me the activity of working as a group especially with other individuals who I have not worked with or talked to before was a good learning experience that had both positive and negative outcomes using Driscoll’s model of reflection as a frame work to elaborate on how I interpreted what happened, what impact the situation had on me and what I will do in the future if presented with a similar situation (Driscoll and Teh, 2001). We were required to do a 10 minute presentation for a health promotion project that we developed. I decided to work with other individuals who I didn’t know and have not worked with before as I believed I would be more productive and respectful if I worked with people I didn’t know very well. For the first tutorial I attended we were in a group of 3 which consisted of myself Staci and Emily I believe the first tutorial was productive as we collected ideas of what to base the topic around and chose a format in which wanted to present. We did not finalize a topic but we narrowed it down to 3 and decided to pick one in the next tutorial session. In the next two tutorial session only I turned up as the other two had other commitments. I did not mind this as we later scheduled three sessions outside of the unit to catch up and complete the work these sessions were brief and very vague but we still managed to complete the task. A dilemma occurred when we found out we had a 4th member of the group who only contacted us in the last week for me this was…

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